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A teenager abroad - raising money, building schools

Posted by Joseph Piekos on 8 November 2016 | 0 Comments

It’s been a while since the last instalment of my Camp Malawi blog post, but in that time a lot has happened. Two companies, Orbital and Eurogears, have helped me immensely in working towards my fundraising goal. They have been essential in keeping me motivated and their sponsorship will play a key part in getting me to Malawi.

I have been spending time tutoring students in 11+ and SAT skills at the Rochester Tuition Centre: what an excellent experience that has been! I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed helping the teachers tutor some of their classes there. This work, amongst other things, has begun to form a solid foundation for my fundraising towards Malawi. Each experience has also taught me important skills and lessons that I will be able to use in the future, as well as in Malawi.

My communication skills have been developing as I learn the importance of being able to relay the correct information in a way the students can easily understand. This includes talking to pupils and drawing out information from them, even when it is to do with a concept they are just starting to develop their understanding of. The theme of communication relates to the time I will spend in Malawi and will be valuable in the work I will be undertaking in a group, completing tasks and achieving goals.

Knowing that my time in Malawi will push my skills beyond my previous experiences, I asked Orbital to help prepare me for the trip. ‘Efficient and effective communication’ is just one of skills that they train people in, so it’s incredibly helpful to have them supporting me. Using just a few of the skills they have taught me, I will be able to build trust with my other group members. We will be able to complete our goals to the best of our ability by realising what the strengths, weaknesses and opinions of each group member are.

I’m still very much in anticipation about the future; I hope to continue my fundraising for Malawi with the on-going support of Eurogears and Orbital. My next trip goal is to raise £2,500 by the end of 2016; it is imperative that I reach my final goal in time for the trip in Summer 2017, enabling me to go to Malawi and put into practise some of the skills I am developing to improve the lives of those less fortunate than many of us.

For further information on Joseph’s work in Malawi, please see his first blog post:

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