What is coaching?

Coaching involves facilitating the development, learning and enhanced performance of another person. It is about: ‘helping them to learn rather than telling them what to do.’ (Whitmore, 2009).

Coaching strives to empower and motivate the other person, by enabling them to think divergently and carefully about an issue.  The coach will help the other person or group to: 

  • reflect on prior experiences
  • evaluate current practice
  • identify resources (people and things)
  • clarify the benefits of action
  • focus on next steps
  • and most importantly commit to action

According to a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) survey report (2004) called, ‘Training and Development’:

“95% of organisations expect line managers to coach, but fewer than 20% have trained all or most of their managers to deliver coaching”.

In the same survey, 97% of respondents agreed with the statement that ‘coaching skills are a necessary part of a manager’s skills-set’.