The Agile PMO


Conclusive research findings inform us that many PMOs are disbanded in two years.  Yet; we repeat the same mistakes in our PMO implementations - wasting money, resources and time.  In this practical workshop we focus on the value driven PMO as an integrator, enabler, differentiator, and change agent in business developement and the organization in general.

We analyze the essential model for PMO value and enablement which answers:

  • What does it mean to be an Agile PMO
  • How to ensure effective streamlined delivery - hint: abolish waste
  • How to effectively select and prioritize opportunitites
  • How to manage resource allocations from a top down approach in an effective manner - hint: target critical resources

We disuss theory, learn in teams or pairs, explore a case study, and work through a challenging hands on simulation to understand resource complexities.

Key take away - a PMO must deliver value constantly.  Value isnt template, tools and processes rather then the ability to finish the right projects faster.

The term Agile PMO refers to two concepts:

  • A PMO that is inherently agile, adaptive and value driven - committed to creating value in all its activites.
  • A PMO that interfaces between Agile product delivery and the traditional Waterfall organization.

In the workshop we discuss both concepts, paving the way for a PMO that is lean both in itself and as a transformation entity.

Workshop learning objectives

  • To learn how to aoid common pitfalls and PMO implementations
  • To explain key points of increasing value through delivery through a lean value driven PMO
  • To detail the Agile PMO selection and prioritization process
  • To  present the Agile PMO leadership requirements


Who Should Attend

PMO leaders, VP's, Directors and senior management, managers wishing to increase their effectiveness, embark on the vlaue driven journey as well as learning how to become more Agile;

Project managment community stakeholders interested in learning how a PMO contributes value to an organization and hoe to integrate between Linear and Agile project management approaches.


Detailed Agenda

1. Mapping challenges of projects, programs and portfolios

  • Plan driven, Waterfall linear approaches
  • Time and cost driven, Agile approaches
  • Complexities in the project environment

2. Project management offices

  • PMO role and responsibilities - traditional view
  • Case study analysis - challenges in implementing a PMO
  • Current state of PMOs
  • Simulation - experiencing complexity

3. PMO value enablement - effective, streamlined delivery

  • Introducing Agility in PMOs
  • Reduce waste in process
  • Reduce waste in product
  • KanBan the Waterfall
  • Case study - process and product waste

4. PMO value enablement - resource allocation

  • Resource constrained scheduling
  • The scheduling problem
  • Simulation - resource allocation: top down, plan driven or bottom up, iterative adaptive
  • Case study - process and product waste

5. PMO value enablement - selection and prioritization

  • Portfolio challenges revisited
  • A SAFe perspective
  • Understanding the cost of delay
  • Case study - possible structuring of a lean selection process

6. PMO value enablement - Agile Leadership

  • Connecting to the Agile manefesto
  • Changes in the environment
  • PMO and Agile leadership
  • Overcoming challenges - time boxed discussion

7. Summary and takeaway

  • My organization - key changes
  • Team commitments