Change Management

Influencing Change using Presentation and Facilitation Skills


“Change and innovation” is a constant in many of our lives. All around us technologies, process, people, ideas and methods are changing affecting the way we perform daily tasks. Organisations strive to be innovative in order to remain “leaders” in their marketplace. Approximately 70% of projects fail because organisations focus on the practicalities and fail to consider how to manage stakeholders.  How can change managers best deliver the change project details and influence their teams?

Who Should Attend

This workshop is suited for managers, team leaders and supervisors who are tasked with implementing and leading a team through the change process. The workshop will encourage you to identify those in your teams who are naturally innovative, and what tools and techniques to use to influence your teams during the change.


This course will enable you to 

  • Explain how to deliver a presentation
  • Descibe the Trusted Advisor grid
  • Demonstrate how to analyse and plan stakeholder communications
  • Discuss an approach to reduce uncertainty in navigating ambiguity
  • Explain the stages of the advisory cycle
  • Recognise the approriate advisory style for the situation
  • List three key facilitation tools and techniques
  • Produce PESTLEID and SWOT analyses
  • List three types of negotiation style
  • Explain the three step negotiation process
  • Describe the BATNA, ZOPA and resevation point
  • List three negotiation techniques
  • Articulate the common mistakes to avoid in negotiating