Communication Skills

"In many ways, effective communication begins with mutual respect, communication that inspires, encourages, or instructs others to do their best" - Zig Ziglar

We all know that communication skills are the bedrock of business and today they need to be excellent at all levels of the organisation.  These skills are part of every-one's everyday success toolkit.  Successful negotiation, team working and management just aren't possible without them.

Developing excellence within the customer service area of your organisation is a great place to start.  However, it shouldn't stop there.  It's also important for more general external stakeholder perception.  Your employees 'deliver' messages about your organisation to all kinds of stakeholders across an array of different situations.  Yes, some are obvious - at the coal face as part of their role speaking with customers directly, but some not so - after work at the pub in a social context.  It's important they all know how and what to communicate, delivering the 'right' messages and so giving the right impression about your organisation.

Effective communication is also a key skill of the successful manager and people motivator.  Managers must understand the concepts and challengers their communication practitioners face so they can empathise, support and motivate them.  Of course they also need to be good communicators themselves.

Orbital's portfolio of advanced communications skills training includes workshops and techniques for specialist practitioners, managers and the wider workforce.

Attendees will leave with the ability to apply the right communication style and techniques in the right situation, and be great advocates for your organisation.

Read on for our course outlines or give the Orbital team a call to discuss your specific needs around Advanced Communication Skills...


Introduction to Advanced Communication Skills - 1 day

Advanced Communication (Practitioner) - 2 days

Effective Communication Skills- half day