Communication Skills

Advanced Communications Skills - 1 day session


This is designed to target the ‘front of house’ and public facing staff where they are the first point of contact for the customer. This first contact is of paramount importance to the company as it is on this that future dialogue and communications will be based (First impressions).  

It is of benefit to staff who face the ‘awkward customer with unrealistic/unachievable demands’. Target audiences may include airline check in staff, hotel reception staff and such like.

Who Should Attend

This training takes the enhanced communication skills of the Hostage Negotiator and places them in a variety of settings.  The training will benefit anyone who wants to improve their workplace or personal communication skills whether they are involved in negotiations, interviewing, managing staff, developing staff, customer service or selling.

These advanced communication skills will allow you to build trust, rapport and increase your effectiveness every time you negotiate, interview or manage others.

Recipients of the training develop powerful listening and language skills that allow them to uncover peoples values and beliefs thereby enhancing their understanding of the persons needs. This will allow them to obtain better results for themselves and increase how effectively they deal with other people. These results are achieved without the communication resulting in confrontation.

The training includes a number of role plays and exercises that reinforce and develop the skills enabling you to communicate effectively and confidently in any situation.


Activity – first impressions exercise conducted prior to any introductions taking place

  • Shows the importance of first impressions and how mistakes can be made

Myths of communication

  • The best way to obtain information
  • We control what we say
  • The mistakes around NVC’s

Communication Mastery

  • Taking your communication standard to that of excellence when required
  • Bridge of Trust

Active Listening Skills involving several exercises to consolidate learning

  • Unlocking a persons secrets without them knowing you are doing so
  • Using the enablers of -
    • Minimal encouragers
    • Echoing and use of the energy words
    • Stating the impression
    • Summary and paraphrase
    • Listening position and mirroring

Communication Rules

  • Understanding the rules that govern how we communication and adapting them to your personal advantage

Conversation Rules

  • Understanding the social rules about how we converse and maximizing their use