Communication Skills

Effective Communication Skills


This interactive programme is designed to broaden your thinking style, develop your influencing capability and introduce you to strategic analysis, modelling and executive presentation skills.

The programme features a combination of topical subjects, which will help you to develop a confident approach to working with clients peers, by extending your existing skills and providing a wide selection of models, tools and techniques, as well as useful peer groups feedback.

The programme will feature a case study involving a customer/vendor relationship.

Learning Objectives

  • To describe the basic commmunication process.
  • The impact of values on communication
  • To list the basic communication skills
  • To explain how to communicate interpersonally
  • To recognize the tools and techniques for team communications

Who Should Attend

This programme has been designed to be suitable for anyone involved in projects or business and usual.


Foundation Concepts

  • Basic communication process
  • Typical barriers to effective communication
  • EPC success model

Impact of Values on Effective Communications

  • Overview of Values-based impacts on communications
  • Behavioural/thinking styles (HBDI)
  • Paradigms and attitudes
  • Responsiveness & Emotional intelligence

Focus on Basic Communication Skills

  • Overvew of basic communication skills
  • Oral skills - informal conversations
  • Oral skills - formal presentations
  • Written skills - informal and formal, emails document management professional deliverables

Focus on Interpersonal Communications Skills

  • Overvew
  • Non-Verbal skills
  • Listening skills
  • Skills for building trust

Focus on Team Communication Skills

  • Overview of Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Building trust with project teams
  • Conducting project business : general and specific meetings
  • Meeting major challenges

Impact of Infrastructure on Effective Communications

  • Overview of infrastructure-based impacts on communications
  • Featured technique : Stakeholder analysis, project communication plan, virtual meetings

Practical Situational Project Communications

  • Overview of Practice Environment
  • Practice Solutions
  • Solution Templates
  • Situation Debriefs