Creating Strategy

Strategies often fail for a number of reasons, five key reasons being:

  1. Plans are developed in a vacuum, by people who do not work 'at the coalface' and do not reflect operational realities.
  2. The people in the organisation are not engaged by the senior management and do not understand why new behaviours and skills are necessary, leading to resistance.
  3. There is no clear vision/mission that helps people make sense of their objectives.
  4. Senior management do not follow through on plans, drive necessary changes and support the people at all levels.
  5. The corporate culture, structure, systems and processes do not support the changes the strategy is trying to drive and create 'accidental adversaries' who destroy efficiency and effectiveness.

Orbital and Stratexology have created a series of workshops which assist clients in creating strategies that work and achieve sucessful outcomes.

These seminars also align with Orbital's powerful range in interventions in the area of Lean, Six Sigma, Business Process Management and Project Management, to provide a comprehensive and rich set of tools and techniques to enable sure, swift and successful developement and implementation of strategic plans.