Creating Strategy

Creating Effective Business Cases


This course provides and introduction to the fundamentals of creating a business case.

Who Should Attend

Attendees should be anyone who wishes to use analytical techniques to enhance their business cases or similar,  Can use Excel to set up spreadsheets and create formulas.  A laptop with Excel 2010 installed is required.  (Excel 2007 an 2013 are also acceptable, but there will be some differences in menus/commands, from those in the seminar workbook.)


Business Case Analytical Tools

  • Functional analysis
  • Basic Value engineering
  • Make or buy analysis
  • Indentifying quantitive benefits
  • Identifying qualitative benefits
  • Integrating benefits
  • Other factors to consider
  • Cashflow analysis
  • Break even
  • Payback
  • Net Present value
  • internal rate of return
  • Managing depreciation

Working with your decision variables and optimizing solutions

  • Understanding your constraints
  • Indentifying variables that you can control
  • Developing realistic assumptions
  • Optimizing your worksheet
  • Managing negatively linked variables

Sensitivity Analysis and Correlation

  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Tornado diagrams
  • Correlation and dependence
  • Cause and effect analysis