Creating Strategy

Creating Effective Policies and Procedures


This course provides a structured process for analysing policy requirements, documenting these and then writing procedures to implement them.  At the end of the seminar. participants will be able to use a variety of tools to produce documents of high quality and utility.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wishes to use analytical techniques to enhance their business cases


The Organizational Contect of Polices and Procedures

  • How they relate to vision, mission and strategy
  • Key reasons for documenting policies and processess
  • Policies, processess and procedures documentation
  • Business Policies, processess and procedures - how do they work together
  • Control systems and policies and procedures
  • Organizational manuals

Establishing requirements for Policies and Procedures

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Methods for collecting requirements and sources of information
  • the MoSCoW rule and how to use it
  • Deciding on the detail required
  • Developing alternative solutions and choosing the best solution
  • Documenting the selected solution

Designing Forms and Managing them

  • The relationship between policies and procedures
  • Why managing is a crucial part
  • The objectives of managing forms
  • Analysing forms
  • Designing forms
  • Using printed and electronic forms

Establishing a format for Documents

  • Why do we need a format for documents
  • Recommended formats
  • Estalishing a reference convention for your documents
  • Key headings
  • Formal approval and sign off

Developing an Appropriate Writing Style

  •  Organizing your thoughts
  • Tips and tricks for clear writing
  • Managing jargon, abbreivations and punctuation
  • Dealing wth verb tenses
  • Structuring sentances

Managing the Development of Documents

  • The first draft stage
  • Establishing a review process
  • Key stakeholders in the review process
  • Establishing the final approval authority
  • Approval sign off

Methods for Promulgating Policies and Procedures

  • Manging the distribution of documents
  • Producing organizational manuals
  • Tips for hard copy documents
  • Alternative methods of distribution
  • Creating tables of contents
  • Creating a central archive for documents

Managing Change arising from New Policies

  • Using the stakeholder analysis to identify affected parties and changes
  • Preparing a communication plan
  • Listening to stakeholder feedback
  • Developing an impact analysis
  • Identifying benefits and planning for realization
  • Producing a risk management plan

Implementation of New Policies and Procedures

  • tips and tricks for implementation
  • Setting control points
  • Understanding different learning styles
  • Providing different forms of communication
  • Creating training manuals
  • Delivering training

Managing revision to Documents

  • Drivers for revisions
  • Writing and approving the revisions
  • Maintaining revision history
  • Distribution of revisions
  • Implementation of revisions

Dealing with Online Documents

  • Order of Precedence
  • Managing parallel environments
  • The benefits and challenges of online manuals
  • Designing an online policy

Using the Internet, Intranet and Extranet

  • Publishing policies and procedures on the internet
  • Publishing policies and procedures on the Intranet
  • Publishing policies and procedures on the Extranet