Creating Strategy

Introduction to Creating Effective Business Cases


This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of creating business cases.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is new to producing business cases or wishes to formalize their skills.


Defining the Business Case

  • What should a business case cover
  • How should a business case be structured
  • What contents should a business case have
  • The project charter and the stakeholder identification exercise
  • Feasibility studies and their role
  • Identifying the key stakeholders and those who approve the business case

Agreeing on the Scope

  • How should one develop the business case
  • What processes should be used in assembling the business case
  • What is in and out of scope
  • How does the case fit together and what is the value add of this approach

Developing the Initiative

  • What problems will be solved
  • What opportunities will be harvested
  • How will benefits be managed
  • Tools for collecting requirements

Conducting Stakeholder Analysis

  • Using the Salience approach to identify and categorize senior stakeholders
  • Identify senior stakeholders interests and perceptions
  • Identifying wants and needs, using MoSCoW rules
  • Creating traceability matrix
  • Developing the stakeholder registry

Comparing Costs and Benefits

  • Identifying qualitative benefits
  • Integrating quantative and qualitative benefits
  • Other factors to consider

Managing Business Case Risk

  • Understanding the stakeholder risk attitudes and tolerances
  • Identifying risks
  • Modelling risks qualitatively
  • Modelling risks quantitatively
  • Choosing risk response strategies

Targetting Your Recommendation

  • Poor Mans Hierarchy
  • Rule base decision trees
  • Scenario based testing

Crafting a Persuasive Business Case

  • Stucture and flow
  • Form, consideration and choices
  • Aiming for accuracy and clarity
  • Making the information easy to read and understand
  • Dealing with figures

Delivering and Positioning the solution

  • Using the AIDCA model to drive comprehension
  • Appyling the logic matrix to clarify recommendations
  • Inductive and deductive summaries
  • Using charts and graphics for impact

Presenting the Business Case

  • Setting up the conference room
  • Delivery tips
  • Meeting facilitation techniques
  • Dealing with questions

Course Review