Leadership Skills

Stakeholder Engagement Management


This two day workshop provides a contemporary introduction to one of the most important areas in project or general management - managing the stakeholders. Using a balance of modern theory (40%) and interactive learning (60%), this engaging programme introduces the concept of stakeholders, the complications in managing them and some generally accepted good practices in ensuring that their interests are recognized and managed carefully.

Who Should Attend

This workshop will benefit functional and line managers from all industry sectors, project and programme managers, business analysts and anyone dealing with stakeholders regularly.

  • Major stakeholder management challenges
  • The different models of stakeholder and relationship analysis
  • Different stakeholder management techniques
  • How to influence without authority
  • How to manage stakeholder conflicts


  • Self-assessment: stakeholder management competencies 
  • Debrief 
  • Group discussion: major stakeholder management challenges 
  • Group debrief

Analyse Stakeholder Relationships 

  • Different categories of stakeholder 
  • Salience model (legitimacy, power and urgency) 
  • Influence versus power model (2 x 2 matrix) 
  • Stakeholder relationship visualization methods 
  • Influence diagrams (formal decision analysis technique) 
  • Case study analysis Campbell and "Bailyn's Re-organization" 
  • Production of stakeholder maps by participants 
  • Review of stakeholder maps

Stakeholder Management Techniques

  • "Where are they, versus where do we need to be" planning 
  • Impact analysis (people, processes and systems) 
  • Gap management planning (what do we need to do to convince the stakeholders to support us) 
  • Stakeholder communication planning techniques 
  • Role play: "The programme manager, the work package owners and the production director" 
  • Intensive debrief, including video replays

Influencing Outcomes 

  • The "Z-model" for examining issues and building trust (Martin and Golatz) 
  • Influencing without authority (Cohen and Bradford process) 
  • The application of negotiating techniques in stakeholder management 
  • Distributive and integrative negotiation techniques 
  • "The Two Dollar Game": demonstrate potential traps of negotiation with stakeholders 
  • Principled negotiating techniques (Harvard technique)

Managing Conflicts

  • Sources of stakeholder conflict through the lifecycle
  • Three contrasting attitudes to conflict at work 
  • The Thomas Kilman conflict model 
  • "Dealing with Conflict" video presentation 
  • "The Cancelled Holidays Incident" 
  • Main group debrief

Please note: There are several exercises throughout this workshop where participants can apply all the principles learned.

Video cameras are used to record role plays for debriefing purposes.