Media Training

Crisis Communications: Real-time Testing


A practical hands-on test of your ability to react to the media in a crisis. We work with your advisers to create a realistic scenario and then test it - without senior staff knowing this is an exercise.

The day begins with a call to your offices about a real issue, such as product contamination, the leak of confidential material or the theft of intellectual property. Journalists will begin bombarding your team for answers, demanding statements and interviews. A camera crew will turn up at your premises and begin filming. How does your senior management cope? Can they think on their feet. What happens if they say no comment?

An invaluable debrief completes the memorable training experience; one your staff will truly never forget.

Who Should Attend

Organisations who would like to test their media crisis management skills and be involved in an effective, interactive learning experience. This course will leave delegates 'crisis-ready'. 



The timetable of the day will include:

  • The breaking of a news story, created specifically for your organisation.
  • Broadcast news crew arrive to cover the story, reacting to the actions of your staff as the media would given the same situation.
  • The Managing Director (or similar) is made unavailable (e.g. through sickness), meaning managers having to step up and deal with the unfolding situation.
  • The arrival of print journalist/s.
  • The reveal and a much-needed lunch break for your staff!
  • Debrief, lessons learned and training around weak areas during the afternoon.