Media Training

Crisis Communications


A crisis can strike an organisation at any time and media attention can make a bad situation far worse if it is not handled properly. It can affect share price, business confidence, staff morale and performance.

This workshop will prepare you for any eventuality - particularly the worst scenarios - so you know exactly how you will deal with it. This means that even if information is sketchy to begin with you can inform the media of what action you are taking. In a crisis the media will fill an information vacuum, sometimes with speculation, sometimes with information that is wrong. Learn how to use the media to present a positive face - even when disaster strikes - from trainers who have been both high-level communications representatives managing crises and also the journalists asking the questions.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to be prepared to handle the media during a crisis situation.



This course includes:

  • First response
  • Setting up the war room
  • Basic questions and answers
  • Providing background information and the value of 'business-as-usual' videos
  • Don’t forget your staff! Internal communications
  • Brave New World: Recovery and moving on

This is an exciting course merging theory and practice to leave you fully prepared to manage the media during any crisis situation. You will get to experience what it feels like to be in the 'hot seat' and have the opportunity to learn valuable skills, enabling you to be cool, calm and collected if and when the situation arises. Learn the behind-the-scenes tips and tricks from trainers who have been on both sides of the fence.