Media Training

Media Training Masterclass


According to a survey of 200 senior UK managers and directors what they feared above anything else was being interviewed on television, with 80% saying this was worse than public speaking, preparing business plans or analysing financial date. 

If you or your organisation have contact with local or national media then our training will help handle difficult situations, and show how best to present a positive image – even in a negative situation. The worst approach is “no comment”; this gives journalists limitless scope to say what they like about you and your business. The next worst is someone who looks or sounds uncomfortable, even in a potentially winning situation.

This training will prepare you for live and pre-recorded television and radio interviews, together with press conferences, product launches, crisis management and image enhancement.

It will also help you to create, challenge or update your media strategy. Whether the goal is to influence policy and practice, or to justify public funding the importance and value of getting “your” message across to the widest possible audience is now almost universally recognised.

That requires a communications strategy, and at the heart of it should be a carefully articulated media strategy that allows you to manage your relationship with journalists.

Engagement with the media requires a deliberate consideration of strategy and resources. To influence policy and opinion there is no choice but to engage with the media. No comment is NEVER an option.  A raised media profile can help with raising additional funding, attracting new work and promoting your brand, product or scheme to a wider audience. Being able to explain in a limited time and to a general audience why your scheme, product or idea is important is an invaluable skill.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who would like to sharpen the media training skills they developed in our basic training package, or who has equivalent real-life experience.


This course includes:

  • The James Bond of product placement
  • The stealth bomber approach – making the most of your surroundings, your product, your business.
  • What do you want to say? How to ensure your key message make the cut.
  • What do you not want to say?
  • Your social media policy
  • Basic crisis management
  • Media and communications strategies

It includes a mix of theory and practical exercises, during which you can flex your communication skills to find out what works best for you and your organisation. This comprehensive training will have you media-fit by the end of the day, ready to face the press and make the most of the opportunities available to you.