Media Training

Media Training


Handling the demands of the media is a crucial part of everyday working life for businesses and organisations.  Positive performance can enhance the delivery of a message; a negative performance can undo much good work, or make a bad situation worse.

People assess the way we look and deliver a message with more attention than they give to what they are hearing. So the words themselves sometimes come a poor second to perception and impact of appearance. Experts say 90% of our opinion of someone is made up in the first FIVE seconds – so first impressions count.

Everyone is aware of the impact of social media, but how do you make your profiles stand out, and how do you prevent staff causing controversies with their posts? 

The future is all about the ‘attention economy’ – a world in which content is valuable enough to dwell on rather than pushed by ‘in-your-face advertisers’. Come and learn how to make your mark for all the right reasons.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to maximise the positive opportunities and minimise negative occurences of media coverage.


This course includes:

  • Introduction to broadcast media
  • How to use the media to work for you
  • How to manage the media in a crisis
  • Why saying ‘no comment’ is not an option
  • Turning a negative into a positive
  • Introduction to social media
  • Social media uses and abuses        

The course starts with an established presentation to identify key learning points followed by an opportunity to view real examples of good and bad practice. Then it's time to get hands-on with a practical exercise that will give you an unforgettable learning experience; you will take part in interviews and analysis aimed at maximising opportunities and minimising negatives. By sitting in the 'hot seat' in a safe training environment, we will ensure you will be ready for it when the real time comes. The course is based on real life scenarios that candidates will face, meaning the learning can be applied as soon as you leave the training room.