Media Training

Press Releases for Beginners


This course will teach you how to work with journalists, how to write a press release and how to ensure what you write doesn't go straight into the electronic bin. A news editor will initially give a press release 15-20 seconds of their time. If you don't engage them immediately then you have no chance.

A practical ‘hands on’ workshop where you can walk away with a finished press release (critiqued by a professional journalist) ready for distribution.

Course tutor Iain McBride has created many effective press releases on a local, regional, national and international level. Amongst them is the ‘someone’s stolen my snowman’ police press release which gained worldwide coverage (

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wishes to gain positive publicity through a variety of media outlets. There are no formal pre-requisites to undertaking this course. 


This course will cover:

  • How the media works and how you can work with them
  • Tips for engaging with media representatives
  • The value of news coverage
  • What to do and what not to do
  • Which media to target and how
  • Timelines for a press event
  • A basic understanding of the media
  • How to get free publicity
  • Photography and the importance of images
  • How to use the media to your advantage
  • Why third party endorsement is the best publicity