Messy Leadership

Disrupting Yourself


Are you ready for a change?  What to have an immediate and positive imact on you and your teams?  This two-day interactive workshop challenges your current leadership thinking.  You'll start being disrupted soon after you've signed-up to the workshop.  There will be a small number of thought provoking activities to complete before the start of the session.  Be prepared to spend 50% of the workshop outside of the classroom.  We'll show you ways to positively disrupt how you and your organisation are working.  That disrupting yourself and your team will lead to postive and effective innovative thinking throughout your organisation.

Who Should Attend

  • Mid to senior professionals
  • Board level and senior executives
  • Regional directors
  • Country managers
  • High potential individuals
  • Head of multiple business units within a company
  • Senior civil servants and leaders
  • C-suite executives of mid-sized organisations


At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Kick start your disruptive action plan for positive and immediate effect
  • Lead your team through the journey of disruptive innovation

Course Overview:

  • What is disruptive innovation
  • Why and when to disrupt
  • The impact of disruptive technologies
  • Moving out of your comfort zone
  • Normal, the new normal and the outer fringe
  • Challenging yourself
  • Internal honesty
  • Curiosity and focus
  • Gestalt thinking
  • Adaptive challenges
  • Grow you and your team through disruption
  • Your personal disruptive action plan