Messy Leadership

Messy strategies to develop your helicopter view


Are you being sucked into the detail of strategies and projects?  This workshop will develop and refine your leadership skills to see the broader picture.  Learn how and when to work 'in' the busness and 'for' the business.  Use your helicopter view with agility and effectiveness.  During your workshop, we'll show you how to make a difference straight away.  Implement ey strategies to go back to work with an action plan destined for success.  You'll start reviewing your strategy styles when you sign-up to the workshop.  Expect some thought provoking activities to complete before you join the workshop.

Who Should Attend

  • Mid to senior professionals
  • Board level and senior executives
  • Regional directors
  • Country managers
  • High potential individuals
  • Heads of multiple business units within a company
  • Senior civil servants and leaders
  • C-suite executives of mid-sized organisations.


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Continue to refine your skills to see the bigger picture
  • Clearly develop, identify and formulate company strategies
  • Maintain perspective and the broader view.

Course outline:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Balancing perspective
  • Telescoping - wide lens and pinpoint focus
  • The power of anticipation
  • Creative thinking and flexibility
  • Why read the detail when you've seen the headline?
  • The importance of context and how it tells a different story
  • Structural thinking
  • 'Thin slicing'
  • Thinking fast and slow - rationality vs intuition
  • Develop your personal helicopter action plan.