Personal Performance

Resilience & Curiosity


If I believe my abilities and my intelligence are more or less fixed, then I'll avoid stepping our of my comfort zone.  If the voice inside my head is telling me: Whats the poing in trying, I'm bound to fail," then I wont try at all, or if I do, I'll give up at the first sign of difficulty.

Conversely, if I believe it is good to stretch and challange myself, to struggle a little, to get some things worng and aim to learn from mistakes, then I am more likely to take action, learn and realise my potential.

Who Should Attend

If you are interested in developing resilience and rational beliefs helpful to learning, employment and everyday life contexts then this introductory course is for you.

From junior through to senior and Leadership level, all can benefit hugely from this session


This overview course will touch on the following subject areas

  • Research into curiosity
  • Rational and irrational behaviour
  • Developing resilience and rational beliefs for learning & life
  • The benefits of growth mindset
  • Neuroplasticity and facts about the brain
  • Role models, inspirational people and quotations
  • Language strategies to build resistence and curiosity
  • Mindfulness
  • Individual action plan