Project Management

Prince 2 Foundation & Practitioner


PRINCE2 is the de-facto standard for Project Management

Certification demonstrates a project manager's ability to plan, execute and deliver projects on time, on budget and with managed risk

Projects bring together resources, skills, technology and ideas to achieve business objectives and deliver business benefits. Good project management helps to ensure that risks are identified and managed appropriately, and objectives and benefits are achieved within budget, within time and to the required quality.  PRINCE2® is a world-class international product and is the de-facto method for project management.  Many companies across the world require staff to be PRINCE2® certified.

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Who Should Attend

There are no prerequisites, those who would benefit most from attending this course are organisations and individuals requiring a controlled approach to managing projects. Suitable for project managers, team managers, project support and assurance staff, and managers from any discipline, and is particularly aimed at people who are responsible for managing projects.

The PRINCE2® method is flexible and adaptable for any type and size of project, and offers an excellent management foundation for any member of staff.


The key objectives of this PRINCE2® Practitioner course are:

  • Understand the 7 principles, themes and processes of PRINCE2®, and how to apply them to prevent project failure, including assigning Risk Responses to identified risks.
  • Contribute effectively to PRINCE2® projects, understand quality in a project management context and how to assign quality review roles.
  • Assess a Project Brief, define key roles, and identity suitable points for End Stage Assessments.
  • Create a Business Case, Product Breakdown Structure, Product Flow Diagram and Work Package.
  • Pass the PRINCE2® Practitioner Examination.