Project Management

Project Sponsorship: Achieving Management Commitment for Project Success


All projects need an executive sponsor. Upper management support for projects consistently surfaces as a critical success factor. However, organisations often do not spend the time and money to understand what sponsorship is, why doing it better is important and how to improve. Please join us in this workshop to experience the possibilities for excellence in sponsorship within your organisation.

Project Sponsorship is a two-day workshop that offers participants the opportunity to create an environment that achieves greater project prosperity as a result of excellence in project sponsorship.

Who Should Attend

All managers and executives involved in sponsoring projects, either currently or in the near future, PMO managers, senior project managers and other stakeholders interested in experiencing a multi-media transformational approach to the topic of effective sponsorship, in order to achieve greater results from projects.

Project manager and sponsor attending the workshop together is ideal. It gives the opportunity to learn together and prepare joint action plans.


Workshop purpose:

  • Understand what sponsorship is all about
  • Define how sponsors impact project success
  • Discover how to obtain the right sponsor
  • Identify what sponsors need to know and 'teach the old dog new tricks'
  • Keep sponsors involved
  • Extract learnings from case study examples
  • Reap benefits from effective communications
  • Make organisational culture work for you
  • Explore the power of feedback
  • Achieve excellence in project sponsorship


Workshop content:


  • Why sponsorship is necessary
  • What is the value?

Sponsor Responsibilities

  • Definition and objectives
  • Problem escalation
  • Asking questions

Obtaining a sponsor

  • Criteria
  • Negotiation
  • The sales process

Sustaining sponsorship

  • Proactivity
  • Support / interference
  • Reviews

Relationship with others

  • Steering committees
  • The culture
  • Clients
  • A balanced scorecard
  • Execution and feedback

Sponsorship development

  • Positioning
  • Curriculum
  • Example