Sales & Customer Services

Top Class Customer Service



This highly interactive one-day seminar guides people through the techniques of providing top class customer service. The seminar includes a high proportion of exercises and role-plays, to allow delegates to become familiar with and comfortable in applying the techniques, in a safe learning environment.

Who Should Attend

No previous experience required.  This course will is intended for new or recent customer service agents



  • Health & safety briefing, logistics
  • Introduction of speaker and delegates
  • Why customers love to share bad news more than good news
  • What is good customer service?
  • Balancing customer versus company needs

Consistent Service Delivery

  • The underpinning principles of consistent service delivery
  • Dealing with customers who are tied
  • Interpreting and applying service standards
  • What messages do we send to customers?
  • Understanding the signals you send out to customers

Multiple exercises/role plays

Communicating in a Customer Centric Environment

  • The underpinning principles of consistent service delivery
  • Recognising customer behaviours, needs and responding appropriately
  • Building trust and showing integrity
  • Using active listening skills to understand what the customer really means
  • Factors that affect communications, tone of voice, volume, inflection, vocabulary
  • The impact of body language on communications (or verbal ‘body language’ when working remotely)

Multiple exercises/role plays

Problem Solving Techniques

  • Developing a positive mental attitude, despite the ‘knocks’
  • Questioning techniques, open and closed
  • Fishbone diagramming technique, for problem solving
  • The ‘Z’ model for problem solving
  • Ego states and managing them
  • Conflict resolution (TKI approach)
  • Techniques for providing customer satisfaction

Multiple exercises/role plays

Review of the Day

  • Review of course
  • Questions and answers
  • Evaluation forms