Sales & Customer Services

Value Led Selling


This highly interactive one day seminar guides people through the techniques of building trust with customers, understanding their needs and using an enquiry based technique to assist them in identifying their value from purchasing your products and services.

The seminar includes a high proportion of exercises and role-plays, to allow delegates to become familiar with and comfortable in applying the techniques, in a safe learning environment.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who recognises the need to build trust, to create influence and see how clients perceive value.  You will learn how to use a structured enquiry technique to assist customers in defining their needs and recognising value.



• Introductions

• Setting of the course agenda and content

• Ice-breaker exercise – ‘Line Games’


Module 1 – Overview

• How customers perceive value

• Why trust is key to Value Led Selling

• What is a Structured Enquiry Technique and why it increases sales effectiveness 

Module 2 – Building Trust and Influence

• Balancing talking and listening

• Attracting customer attention

• Building, developing and maintaining trust

• Exercise 2a – the first contact with a customer (role play in pairs or threesomes)

• Authentic behaviour, what it is and why it is vital to good customer relationships

• Defining integrity

• Active listening and para phrasing, a way to show you have heard and understood the customer’s needs

• Exercise 2b – active listening and para phrasing in pairs or threesomes 


Module 3 – Using a Structured Enquiry Technique (SET) to sell on Value

• The psychology of belief (confirmation bias) – why what you say is discounted value, but the customer’s words always carry heavy weight

• Questioning techniques, open and closed probes and when to use them

• Exercise 3a – using open and closed probes (practice in pairs/threesomes)

• SCOTSMAN – a mnemonic to assist in formulating questions

• The AIDCA  mnemonic and why it is relevant to selling

• A structured enquiry technique

• Questioning to establish context

• Questioning to reveal opportunities

• Exercise 3b – interactive exercise simulating a customer interview, identifying opportunities for sales

• Questioning to establish the impact of pain points or opportunities

• Questioning to reveal the value (to the customer) of potential solutions to needs

• Questioning to create commitment to make a purchase

• Exercise 3c - interactive exercise simulating a customer interview, building towards a sale


• Quiz board game to consolidate learning and retention

• Small group review of course and identification of key learning points

• Questions and answers

• Evaluations